Random Reflections on 9-11

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com Every year finds me remembering that day and the days that followed as so many do. Remembering all that was so connected always moves me. I pray for the families that have lost much and were never the same. I think of all the communities that were deeply connected … Continue reading Random Reflections on 9-11

Genuine Community (book review)

https://read.amazon.com/kp/embed?asin=B08XNDYPSJ&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_QK7CHTNFF7MHSX70XMMN One thing the last year and a half and counting has shed light on is our anemic view of community, specifically the church. It revealed how many were satisfied by a good conversation or time of prayer in the halls or in a class. Or just chatter after service with those around them or … Continue reading Genuine Community (book review)

Daybook (Another been awhile edition)

Out my Window: overcast, hot and humid, garden overflowing with flowers, weeds, and some random mutated crops from years gone by (I have yellow zucchini) Enjoying: time away with my husband, ocean, swimming, extra time to read, cut flowers from my weed pit Listening to/Watching:  I am in the calm before the storm, working through a Stats class … Continue reading Daybook (Another been awhile edition)

Daybook (disclaimer: been awhile edition)

Out my Window: overcast rainy off and on, humid Enjoying: break from writing papers, reading my friend's Daybook, waterfalls, watching 3 crazy zucchini plants that I did not plant grow wild in my non-tended to garden, visits with good friends Listening to/Watching: Finished listening and watching lessons on Acute Stress, Grief, and Trauma and Theories of Counseling now … Continue reading Daybook (disclaimer: been awhile edition)


Out my Window: warm rainy Sunday Enjoying: beautiful weather, goldfish (the snack, I can't stop eating them), baseball, spring flowers everywhere, trees swollen buds, grilling Listening to/Watching:  Listening and watching lessons on Techniques in Addiction Counseling and Integration of Spirituality and Counseling. Holy Post Podcast Holy Post Podcast. Added another book to my booklist after last week's podcast, The … Continue reading Daybook


Out my Window: beautiful morning sky, pinks and blues, the yard is covered with a fresh blanket of snow Enjoying: mini space heater fireplace, candles, Christmas lights, family time, flowers, the sky and all its beauty (morning and night) Listening to/Watching:  Listening to  Sarahwanders on Instagram sharing poems for Advent. They can be found on her IGTV page. The … Continue reading Daybook


Out my Window: thick clouds, sun attempting to peek out, flurries Enjoying: mini space heater fireplace, candles, Christmas lights, family time, flowers Listening to/Watching:  Christmas mixes, I am liking Tsh Oxenreider's playlist based on her advent devotional Shadow and Light https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1mdsKdSxeRUXs1vlllpBdY?si=Du-gYL_lS0mbdEyjA9naig I have this devotional on my list for next year. This year came upon me faster than … Continue reading Daybook