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Finally, Feel

#Throwbackthursday… I am starting to wonder if some of my physical issues are connected with me not dealing with emotional issues. I am slowly learning I carry my stress in my body. Someone asked me if I was anxious for my son on the other side of the country. No, not that I am aware. I miss him and feel bad for all the struggles he has to endure, but all is good. God is good. (In reality I try not to let my mind go there. I try to stay away from that space.) Tight neck, tight shoulders…. not sure why, there’s nothing to be stressed about. Then those quiet moments creep in, I push those thoughts away before they flood me and paralyze me. So today I am back here at this space reading my own words, of lessons I was learning back at the beginning of the year, feel the feelings. Be honest with God. Allow Him to meet me there. I am studying the Beatitudes right now and doesn’t it say, “blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted?” And yet, I avoid, distract, focus on other things. Oh Lord, help me to trust that if I allow myself to feel the hard that you will catch me, cover me, and comfort me. Blessed, happy are those who feel the feels with honesty and allow God to meet them exactly where they are not where they think they should be…

Inkblot Life

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Finally, feel. Feel whatever comes. Emotions aren’t permanent but they are real. Don’t expend precious energy fighting them off. Let them come when they come and pass when they pass. Painful feelings are an unavoidable part of life but I’m still grateful for life. Grateful for every moment of life. It matters. -Dr. Anita Phillips

There it was again. Sacred echo? Not one I was wanting at the moment. This friend couldn’t have known about the odd conversation I had earlier in the day with a person at church. The man had been very intentional with stopping me to tell me it, “feel it all. Allow yourself to feel the pain.” He banged his chest as he said it.”Feel all the deep pain here,” he kept repeating it. I was heading out the next day to move my oldest to the other side of…

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#throwbackthursday… I cannot believe it has been two years that I have been writing in this space. It has given me many gifts and helps me as I continue to develop the discipline of gratitude and remembering. During this current year it has been even more important and more challenging for me to keep track, to be intentional with these two important disciplines. Since August I have been making the act of remembering and gratitude part of my morning routine, daily writing down a few brief things that I accomplished or things that occurred the day before, and then pulling out the gratitude journal and adding gifts from the day before. It has been such a gift for my head and heart. I feel more focused on my days, and it helps me to be more intentional with my time. I have many scraps of paper with pieces of blogs to be written in their time and am learning to enjoy the process more. All is grace and for this I choose to remember and give thanks and when the time is right share.

Inkblot Life

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The past 30 days, actually since starting this blog a couple of months ago, I have had the unexpected gift of remembering. If nothing else comes of this writing, I have remembered, and it has encouraged me, and grown my faith. It has helped me to go back and put structure to many thoughts, feelings, and events of my life. I am a big proponent of the gratitude journal because we forget, and need help remembering the gifts that our generous God has given. We also need the gift of looking and seeing God in a space, usually by the gifts and fingerprints He has left.

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The past month has been fun, loosely following the topics from Jennifer Dukes Lees’ 30 Days of Gratitude from her blog ( a couple of years ago. One thing that developed as a…

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Out my Window:  feels like an ocean beach day, breezy, humid, sunny... Enjoying: starry nights, the moon, cut flowers from my garden, my sunflowers are opening up, flowers blooming everywhere, cooler nights, fresh corn Listening to/Watching: I listened to the Holy Post Podcast. Listening to the second book in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy: The Twin … Continue reading Daybook