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Pace (FMF Link Up)

#Throwbackthursday… This season of life feels like my pacing is off again. I am ready to jump the gun and run, or I am running when I am supposed to be walking or even resting. I realized this week I was forgetting to ask God to set the pace and help me find a rhythm for each day. He knows me and what will come each day, so listening for Him is always wise. Choosing to be still and listen. Recalibrating.

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pace Linking up with The rules are: set a timer and free write for five minutes on word prompt, then share.

Pace… In high school I ran track. I started with winter track and the coach just stuck all the girls in the 55 meter sprint, regardless of what our abilities were. The pace was super fast and the race was over before it really began for me. This did not deter me from joining Spring track. I knew I was not a sprinter, but super long races seemed boring, so I landed in the middle with the 800 meter race. Track taught me the importance of pacing myself. I struggled with this at times, starting out too strong but not able to keep it up, or too slow and had way more energy at the end than I needed. Eventually I learned the pace that was right for me…

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Out my Window: sun shining through trees, slight breeze, August morning with promises of high heat Enjoying: starry nights, cut flowers from my garden, time by two different lakes this week Listening to/Watching: I listened to the Holy Post Podcast.  There was no interview. This week I finished listening to Enneagram Summer with Annie F. … Continue reading Daybook

Twice in Two Weeks

#tbt but on a Friday. I have lost track of days of the week. I somehow missed that yesterday was Thursday. Someone referenced Disney Princess Theology the other day. I had forgotten that term and realized that I continue to have that sacred echo or in this case conviction… I highly recommend the read of the full article and others that have sprung up from it, but the quote that sums it up and causes me to take a second look at my Scripture reading and life is… “white Christianity suffers from a bad case of Disney Princess theology. As each individual reads Scripture, they see themselves as the princess in every story. They are Esther, never Xerxes or Haman. They are Peter, but never Judas. They are the woman anointing Jesus, never the Pharisees. They are the Jews escaping slavery, never Egypt. For the citizens of the most powerful country in the world, who enslaved both Native and Black people, to see itself as Israel and not Egypt when it is studying Scripture, is a perfect example of Disney princess theology. And it means that as people in power, they have no lens for locating themselves rightly in Scripture or society- and it has made them blind and utterly ill equipped to engage issues of power and injustice. It is some very weak Bible work.” I am realizing that I need to do more than have aha moments to rectify this in my own life. So here I am revisiting and hopefully taking steps toward undoing bad theology in my own life and those that are in my sphere.

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Twice in two weeks I heard the same challenge from two different pastors regarding two different sections of Scripture…sacred echo. The first time I heard it I thought, that’s interesting. The second time, I started to feel the conviction in my soul. Is this true of me?

Week one the preacher was teaching on the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector found in Luke 18. In this parable Jesus is teaching about prayer. He has finished the one image of the persistent widow asking for what she needs and getting it, but Jesus does not leave us there. He continues on, sharing about a Pharisee, the top religious leader in the day, being in the temple praying, while at the same time a tax collector, who isn’t even allowed into inner parts of the temple, and is contemptible for his cheating and…

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Bubbles and Stickers

Throwback Thursday… 2020 feels like a continual recalculating. I was reminded of this post and needed the reminder in it. God is ordering our days. He has not lost the narrative. I may have bubbles and stickers in my bag, but God will provide what is needed for whatever the day holds. His mercies are new for that day. He is not caught off guard or surprised. So slowly I learn to hold His hand and allow Him to lead down paths of unknown, and find that He is enough for those moments. He is faithful.

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bubblesSo each morning I read (and pray) the same prayer from Phyllis Tickle’s Divine Hours:

Lord God, almighty and everlasting Father, you have brought me in safety to this new day: Preserve me with your mighty power, that I may not fall into sin, nor be overcome by adversity; and in all I do direct me to the fulfilling of your purpose; through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen (Book of Common Prayer)

I try to ask God to order my day. The other day as I was heading into school to sub I was thinking about this. God is very faithful to answer this prayer, but I am amazed at how it is still a struggle to enter into the way He may order the day. The last few weeks I have been heading in one direction and then people or situations arise that change the day altogether.

I am…

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