The Mind of Christ

#TBT Today in this very weird Holy Week I am brought back to these thoughts on the mind of Christ. I still stand in awe at the humility, grace, and mercy He showed at the Last Supper, washing Judas’ feet, patiently teaching Peter, serving all who would abandon Him. We are to have the same mind as Christ. May I decrease, so He may increase.

Inkblot Life

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I want to know the mind of Christ. I pray often that I will have His eyes and heart as I go about my day. That I would have ears to hear with His ears, but without His mind most of it seems jibberish, or goes without notice.

Today we were reading about the betrayal, and this past week I was reading about the last supper and the last moments before the betrayal. The mind of Christ chose to encourage and embolden His disciples before they would leave Him. Before they would deny knowing Him at all, He washed their feet. He dipped bread and shared a cup with the man that would leave in moments to betray Him.

Judas, one of the twelve, would betray Him in word and deed. His betrayal was not a stone cold “there He is” but an intimate pulling…

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