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Out my Window: Rainy day

Enjoying: Serving in new settings, meeting new people, connecting with others, chocolate ice cream from a friend that is amazing… the chocolate chunks melt in my mouth, people sharing their talents, words, and resources online, Spring

Listening to/Watching: I listened to the latest episode of Holy Post Podcast. and Krista Tippett’s Onbeing interview with Ross Gay  We watched Moneyball since there was no baseball to watch- it was interesting on the human level, as well as the analytics level, various online talks, N.T. Wright’s study on Philippians through Udemy.

Reading: Re-reading my own words this week and

My review for Leveling the Church: Multiplying Your Ministry by Giving It Away by Micah Fries and Jeremy Maxfield will be coming out this week. I also finished reading and sharing on Shining Like the Sun by Steve Wien which was launched earlier than expected. As I have mentioned, I chose to read this book because it was from a different voice than I would normally read on the topic of mindful practices, or more traditionally called Spiritual Disciplines. It was an interesting read and gave me some pieces to add to being fully present, and fully abiding to help my walk with God be richer and fuller. When I would balk at something, I would remind myself that I wanted to listen deeper to what was being said. I was thankful for this. Steven Wiens helped reframe, or further focus what it means to be fully present in the day and life that God has given me.

Here’s the thing: when we write our scripts, we also write lines we expect God (and everybody else) to follow too, so our story can keep unfolding the way we’ve written it. When life starts slipping out of control, or we’ve lost something that felt essential to our well-being, or we can’t seem to get the approval we worked so hard to get, we blame God.

Practicing delight- learning to receive whatever is in front of you- starts by refusing to slice life into categories. You don’t have a spiritual life; your whole life is spiritual.

I will be reading  Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire Jen Hatmaker (April 21) this week.

Pondering: I have been waxing on in my head about time. I had planned on writing a post on time, and then we had a close death connected to our family this week and it stopped time and changed the feeling of time. My original ponderings were about perspectives on time, and how they change, but that we always have the same amount daily. I was thinking about how we see and use time. Death and grief have a way of throwing cold water on any poetic thoughts on anything, including time. This week time has become cruel. It seems too short and yet dragging on… not getting a chance to use time better with our friend, but also super thankful for all the time we did get. Time is a construct of order designed by God for us, but sometimes it is easy to be cavalier about time and not steward it well, especially when it comes to sharing it with others. The thought that this week I was going to contact our friend and see how he was doing with this whole pandemic and if he needed anything is no longer something I can do with my time. I missed that moment. I am thankful that this friend has stepped out of time and is thoroughly enjoying eternity, but for those of us stuck in chronos time, it is imperative to learn that it is not forever and when we get those nudges to act on them sooner rather than later, because later can be too late. So I come back to the prayer of the Psalmist and ask that God would teach me to number my days so that I would grow a heart of wisdom. I would add that God would teach me to number the days of others too, that I may interact wisely with others and not lose moments that are here to be had.

Learning: Learning how to love and serve in this odd season of life. How do I be the hands and feet of Christ and be part of the body of Christ when we are supposed to be physically distanced? Learning to lean into technology and be intentional with phone and mail, but also entering into moments that present themselves.

Home Life: Just the basics. Didn’t choose to complete any of the projects. This week planning on doing at least one.

Fitness and Mental Health: My knee/IT band is not healing as quickly as I would like, so things look very different than I would prefer. I am getting outside daily and doing some moving between pilates and now trying to do some the things I learned in Physical Therapy when I hurt my other knee/IT band. Mental Health has been the outside time, thankfully it has been pretty nice all week. I have been trying to be intentional in looking for signs of life and capturing them as an act of defiant joy. I share that on my instagram page Feel free to join me with #signsoflife you find. Yesterday I so wanted to walk the hills, but physically I am unable, so I rolled the windows down in my car and drove up and around to look for signs of life. The birds and peepers were boldly declaring God’s goodness and life.

Giving Thanks: Home, provisions, comfort, kindness and concern from friends and family, memories and laughter, purring cat, “quarantine” cookies from friends, amazing chocolate chunk ice cream from another, opportunities to serve, connecting with friends on Zoom and phone, sunshine,  a treasure gift from a friend, words that my boys shared from their hearts on our friend’s page, photos, technology, our friend’s life and all the fun memories we have with him, music and hugs from my younger son, the way people have reached out

2 thoughts on “Daybook

  1. One of your most beautiful, Peggy.

    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I am sorry that in a time with so much grief already in it, you have even more.

    I appreciated your paragraph about time, especially how it is a gift and we must steward it well. A good reminder for me right now. Social distancing has stripped so much away, but not time. I always longed for more time at home, and now that I have it, I am not stewarding it well. You have given me much to think about.

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