Soul Amnesia

On Thursdays I have been sharing old posts that I need to revisit. #TBT It is with a heavy grieving heart I revisit this one. I grieve my soul amnesia as I lament not having another opportunity to love a young friend well. This week our family and this world lost a dear soul at the age of 24. We celebrate his arrival in heaven, but many will miss him greatly including my family. When time gets cut short it is easy to see how much I get wrong daily with relationships, and how much I long to get it right. I am thankful that God’s mercies are new every morning and that relationships are worth the messes and efforts. There are so many gifts even in the fails. So I come back to this moment and remember that I need wisdom to know how to love well and grace for those moments that I fail. May we choose to remember what we forget so often.

Inkblot Life

IMG_1334 (2)So this week brought the news of two deaths. Both were very shocking to the system. These were not people super close at this moment in our stories, but still we have shared a bit of life. One left a legacy and a deep hole for those who knew her. She was a faithful friend and kind soul. She has a family and many dear friends. Her social media pages are covered with people’s heartaches of missing her. The other leaves behind a deep ache for those who tried to help her and love her well. Her page is empty, there are really no words for her tormented mind and soul. She leaves behind questions and heartaches.

I saw this quote from Steve Wright today and put it on my Facebook page. In theory it is funny, but today it reminds me of the state of my soul. “Right now…

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