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Out my Window: Mid March Spring, dreary but hint of warmth and smell of dirt

Enjoying: Moon and sunrises on my early morning drives, Warmer weather, early flowers peeking through the ground, bright yellow tulips on my counter

Listening to: I listened to the latest episode of Holy Post Podcast. (warning super silly and no guest interview) I listened to Propaganda the musician/poet on race and community. Back to Craig Groeschel’s leadership podcast.  He has a new interview up with Patrick Lencioni. I appreciated this man’s boldness and focus.

Reading: As I mentioned last week I am reviewing one book and helping launch three. My review book Leveling the Church: Multiplying Your Ministry by Giving It Away by Micah Fries and Jeremy Maxfield is a slower read, but interesting. I finished one of the book launch books, Everything is Yours by Kris Camealy (April 7). This was a very good read.

 How many of us place more stock in our own behavior and ability than in God’s divine intervention?

Every time I insist on my own terms and conditions, I step into the chasm that separates me from God- my willful, self-absorbed expectations always reflect the sinful state of my heart. You can’t bend when your standing stiff-kneed.

Challenging in the message, but presented in a vulnerable and encouraging way. I am waiting to receive an advanced copy of  Shining Like the Sun by Steve Wien (April 7). I am looking forward to jumping into this one. My advance copy of Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire Jen Hatmaker (April 21) came, but I am waiting since this one releases later.
I also finished my carry around book Off the Clock by Laura Vanderkam. I highly recommend this read. It is helpful in framing time and life. It is more of a time perspective, than a time management book.

Thoughtful people naturally construct stories to make sense of their lives. It is real work to keep one unpleasant aspect of your life from becoming your entire narrative. Many intelligent people can’t muster themselves to do this work; hence the tendency to brood…The discipline of joy requires holding in the mind simultaneously that this too shall pass and that this too is good. This alchemy of mind isn’t easy, but the good life is not always the easy life. Happiness requires effort.

People are always a good use of time.

Pondering: I am now a woman with extra time on my hands. I am substitute teacher and all the schools in my area are closed until April 14. I am thinking of how I will use that time. Reading and finishing a few things I started this winter are on the agenda, but I also want to figure out how I can offer my services with all these kids home for so long. Not sure what that looks like, but I want to help especially with those who are in homes that may not be able to provide for the educational and physical needs.

Learning:  This week I measured the loop I have been schlogging in. I thought it was about a mile. When I found out it was longer, it was very encouraging and made we want to add more to the route.

Home Life: Planning to finish up the projects I started last break.

Fitness and Mental Health: Another good exercise week between nice weather and 5 day Pilates challenge with Balanced Life, I exceeded my goals. Wasn’t able to get the nutrition book before library loaning stopped. Mentally, I was able to attend a seminar on Planting Churches in Prison, Mercy Unleashed I was reminded of my heart passion. I also got to spend time in interesting conversation with good friends. This was very refreshing.

Giving Thanks: Sunshine, laughter, gorgeous moon and sunrises, good conversation, prospect of a job with the Census so I can buy plane tickets to visit my older son on the other side of the country, that I was doing better with running than I thought, kindness and generosity of a friend when I couldn’t find toilet paper, driving lessons for my younger son, provisions we need, for the uncomplicated life we lead

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  1. I will be praying that you find a way to support others during their off-school time. Maybe time to test out some homeschool consultant ideas? 🙂

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