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Out my Window: Blustery Day that gives the appearance of late March (I think I saw Winnie the Pooh and Piglet fly by)

Enjoying: Winter lights and greenery (I decided to leave some up to help ward off the mid winter blues), time to read

Listening to: Nothing too note worthy. (I was mostly on the couch with a sinus/tooth thing) I listened to Holy Post Podcast, Sherri and Brett’s Oddcast (still not sure how I feel about this one) kind of random… I listened to John Branyan’s. I can’t remember what else I listened to. I think some videos, but nothing jumps out.

Reading: By my bed: Bob Goff’s new devotional Live in Grace Walk in Love and Adorned: Living out the Beauty of the Gospel Together by Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth.

My carry around book (on the couch books): The Divine Commodity: a Faith Beyond Consumer Faith by Skye Jethani This has been very interesting. (Near my other couch) I started a book my friend sent me Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy, Get More Done by Laura Vanderkam, and in my sub bag is Not from Around Here: What Unites Us, Divides Us, and How Can We Move Forward by Brandon O’Brien (I wanted to read this after an interview I listened to and then it came up as a reviewable book so I jumped at the chance) so review coming.

Pondering: How does one pursue gentleness? It seems to me that gentleness and humility go hand in hand, but both are elusive when focused on. But Paul tells Timothy in his first letter, “Pursue what God approves of: a godly life, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness.” (I Tim. 6:11)

I headed to the Strong’s Concordance for some help, but it has given me much more to ponder.

Pursue: 1377 diṓkō – properly, aggressively chase, like a hunter pursuing a catch (prize). 1377 (diṓkō) is used positively (“earnestly pursue”) and negatively (“zealously persecute, hunt down”). In each case, 1377 (diṓkō) means pursue with all haste (“chasing” after), earnestly desiring to overtake (apprehend).

Gentleness: 4240 praýtēs (compare 4236 /praótēs, another feminine noun which is also derived from the root pra-, emphasizing the divine origin of the meekness) – meekness (“gentle strength”) which expresses power with reserve and gentleness. See 4236 (praotes).
For the believer, meekness (4240 /praýtēs, “gentle-force”) begins with the Lord’s inspiration and finishes by His direction and empowerment. It is a divinely-balanced virtue that can only operate through faith (cf. 1 Tim 6:11; 2 Tim 2:22-25).

That last line under gentleness seems to be the key, “It is a divinely-balanced virtue that can only operate through faith.” Which leads back to pursue… pursuing God with great haste. To chase down after all that He has, and throw off all that hinders and gets in the way.

Learning: That life does not always look like we plan and that is okay. (Yes I have learned this often) But this week was about leaning into it and not fighting it. My plan was to sub as much as possible this week, instead I had some sort of sinus infection that I could not push through, so instead I ended up on the couch, a lot resting and waiting for recovery. It provided me with time to read and rest. It slowed me down and made me slowly clean up from Christmas and make choices that brought me happiness like keeping up some of the greenery and some lights. Normally, my packing up would involve just shoving everything in boxes, and being stressed that I didn’t get things organized. Moving at a slower pace made me more mindful and intentional.

Home Life: Slowly cleaned up from Christmas. Brain was not functioning fully so no plans. Did get the office almost fully transitioned over to functioning better for this season of life. Threw a lot away and gave a lot away. Felt good to purge.

Fitness and Mental Health: I missed a couple days, but have been doing Pilates this week. Mental Health: Leaving the Christmas lights up makes me happy, Vanilla candle burning is so soothing, reading and resting instead of fighting my way to get things done just allowing my body to order my activities.

Giving Thanks: For extra time of rest, medicines finally working, for a flexible schedule, for family and friends helping me, for breakthroughs that some of my friends have been having in their walk and the privilege to see some of it, for books, and new opportunities, for a good price on plane tickets and the opportunity to go with our son as he gets settled in a new city, how things are slowly working out and for all the in between lessons

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  1. Glad you are enjoying a week of slow. I totally relate to shoving away the Christmas things and then berating myself for not doing it in a more organized fashion. I have ruthlessly purged much of my decorations so that I have only one tub of decorations/ornaments. This has made it much easier. But I still hate putting it all away. Right there with you!

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