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Out my Window: Beautiful fall continues… the past few days have been gorgeous and the evenings just wow.

Enjoying: Having my family under one roof for the weekend. Beautiful fall weather.

Listening to: Finished David Platt’s new one, Something Needs to Change on Audible. Definitely a lot to think and pray about.

[Lost people] don’t need me, and other Christians, living as if somebody somewhere will do something someday about their urgent spiritual and physical needs.

Be people who are fearlessly holding on to God’s Word while selflessly sacrificing to share and show God’s love amid urgent needs in our world.

I have extra Audible credits, so I downloaded Jeannie Gaffigan’s new book When Life Gives You Pears: The Healing Power of Family, Faith, and Funny People. I have only listened to a short amount, but I already want her to be my friend. I think memoirs are my audio book jam.

Reading: Another book launch is complete,  Kelly Minter’s cookbook, A Place at the Table. released into the world, Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019. So many delicious recipes, and some beautiful pictures, and encouraging articles. I am looking forward to getting the whole cookbook this week.

Carrying around: Unhurried Leader: The Lasting Fruit of Daily Influence by Alan Fadling trying to read it slowly.
By my bed:  I have also very slowly been working through Matthew Henry’s Quest for Meekness and Quietness of Spirit. I am resisting the temptation to add more books to my reading cycle.

Pondering: Sacred echoes as Margaret Feinberg calls them, two different readings, same day, same message. I am listening and pondering. I started my day studying No Other Gods by Kelly Minter. In it she includes a prayer from Charles Spurgeon:

If thou hast anything that perplexes thee, the simplest plan for thee will be, not to try to solve the difficulty, but to seek direction from heaven concerning it. If thou hast, at this moment, some doubt that is troubling thee, thy wisest plan will be, not to combat the doubt, but to come to Christ Jesus as thou art, and to refer the doubt to him.

Later in the day, I was reading from Unhurried Leader by Alan Fadling and he states, “When our situation becomes ambiguous and unclear, what we need first is not  situational clarity but a fresh vision of God with us. (63)” Both Spurgeon and Fadling stated that I do not need the answer first, but a better view of God, and who He is. Kelly Minter goes on to say how God is the one who rescues us, and Fadling continues about how God is for us. So many times I come to God and want the answers, and He wants to show me Himself. I want to be like Moses and have the audacity and patience to ask God to show me His glory.

Learning: I am learning that some things that I thought I was holding loosely and freely before God, I have not been. This weekend He made one very clear, and then asked me if I was going to obey. I was rather shocked that I had not really submitted this situation over fully, and completely surrendered it. I had fooled myself that I was up for whatever He wanted, and I was completely okay with Him letting me know whenever it was convenient. I am thankful that God is gentle and gracious, but also firm in answering my prayer for Him to call my bluff where it needs to be called.

Home: My $5 sunflowers are still brightening up my counter. Nightly enjoying my fall candle. I need a full day at home to gain control of some spaces, but I am somewhat keeping up, and doing seasonal tasks slowly.

Fitness and Mental Health: Still resting my foot that I hurt wearing shoes that were not great for my feet. (how old am I that I can strain something with bad shoes…) Anyway, I replaced the shoes, and have done a little schlogging, but trying to rest my foot so it does not become a major issue. Mental health: I need to be intentional with non schlogging exercises, but have not been. I realized I am carrying certain things that are not mine when my husband pointed out that I kept sighing. I am continuing to memorize Psalm 1, and repeat it when I am not breathing well, or tempted to run off with my thoughts. My flowers and candle also soothe my soul.

Giving Thanks: I won a contest from with a book I really wanted and some other fun things (If you do not get her email you should, especially if you are a reader. She lets you know many great things, and has various contests.) Being part of another great book launch community. I love getting to know the authors better and being part of something fun and productive. My son coming home for the weekend. My friend surprising me by showing up at my church on Sunday because she was travelling through. My husband noticing that I was sighing. Such beauty all around. God’s grace.

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