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Out my Window: Breathtaking fall views with fog, sun, and colors popping… Evenings, the rising of the moon against a pink sky… so beautiful, blue jays dining on my sunflowers

Enjoying: baking more, all things fall, post season baseball, the views

Listening to: David Platt’s new one on Something Needs to Change on Audible. This is a bit different from his usual. He is sharing a journey he took in the Himalayan Mts. I appreciate his honest questioning of the hard. So far it has been a good listen, again another hard topic but with thoughts worth thinking about.

I did some extra driving this past week so listened to some podcasts and a sermon from comedian John Branyan (I found out I can download podcasts from Spotify onto my Kindle. Yay! My MP3 player broke, so I have not been able to do so for awhile) Aug. 19, Sept. 2, 30, and his sermon on Sept. 5. The audio is not great and their presentation is very laid back, but some good content. (My husband suggested the Sept. 2 one saying that it could have been me saying “Peaches” words. It did make me feel better that someone else is asking women the hard questions.) Also re-listened to Disciples new album Love Letter Kill Shot. I still love it, especially the lyrics. (Do not attempt to listen, unless you like heavy rock, but I do recommend reading the lyrics. They are worth the thought.)

Reading: Book launch group for Kelly Minter’s cookbook, A Place at the Table. Tried another recipe this week, if you go to my Instagram page inblotlife.com_peggy you can see my pics and review of Cilantro Chicken Enchilada. If you scroll further there is a review of her Sun-dried Tomato Bow Tie Pasta with chicken. This weekend I am trying her cookies! Yum! Also head to Kelly’s site above because there are contests to enter. If you tag a friend on mine you can enter to win a cookbook for you and that friend, and on her page there is one where you can win $650 worth of kitchen tools plus the cookbook.

Carrying around: Unhurried Leader: The Lasting Fruit of Daily Influence by Alan Fadling trying to read it slowly.
By my bed: participating in a Bible Reading Challenge. Reading through the Bible by April, so when I sub I have been catching up at night. It has been good to read through larger passages at a time. It has been awhile since I have done this. I have also very slowly been working through Matthew Henry’s Quest for Meekness and Quietness of Spirit.

Pondering: Words, words, and more words. I am participating in Five Minute Friday’s October, 31 days of Word Prompt Writing My attempts can be found here: It is interesting how certain words can conjure up so many stories, thoughts, and directions while others have me keeping company with crickets for quite some time. Some days my writing feels sterile or forced, and other days like my heart is out for all to see. A few have felt shallow. I am learning to be okay with this since the point is to write, to practice an art and craft. When I taught in a classroom we would do a 10 minute free write or prompt. Some kids would resort to weeping and gnashing of teeth and others felt 10 minutes was too short. I am finding that I am either at one end or the other with this challenge. Realizing too how many times I overthink it and miss the obvious launch point until after I publish the one that felt forced.

Learning: Going along with my pondering, I am learning that thinking and talking come natural to me, writing takes discipline for me to structure my thoughts.  I am realizing that I  need more discipline in my life if I want to achieve certain goals. I am also realizing that my discipline and structure may look different than other people’s. In the last month I have signed up, or joined various structured programs from exercise to housecleaning, to Bible reading and scripture memory, and then this 31 day writing challenge. The exercise worked for me for the 10 day commitment, but when I tried to do my own I somehow lost it. My foot ended up injured and then I lost all momentum. The housecleaning plan had me behind on day one, so day two I doubled up and I have not looked at the plan since. The Bible reading has been one I am committed to, and I have been able to make it a priority, and I appreciate their reading plan. It has catch up days built in, and I designated a large print literal translation Bible for that challenge. It seems to work. The Scripture memory is something I needed and goes with my Bible reading time. I also have a friend committed with me so that accountability is helpful. So I am looking to see why some things work for me well, why some work only for a short time, and why others are not for me at all. These are all priorities so I am wanting to learn what it is that helps me to be successful in those areas, so I can be.

Home: So keeping up mostly. I was away, and then subbing a lot, so it takes more thought and effort. Working on finding something helpful. Bought some $5 sunflowers for my counter. Burning fall candle, trying to keep the counter clean.

Fitness and Mental Health: I went hiking with my son while I was away. Love being out in the fall world. So beautiful. I think I am back to making things too complicated so I do nothing. Hoping to get back to a simple mind set about exercise because I need to move for my mental health. Mental health has been wrapped around Scripture memory and going through verses to help keep my mind and heart on track. Also not guilting myself into participating in certain things. Releasing things that are okay to let go.

Giving Thanks: Fall, beautiful fall, Book launches and relationships and blessing from it, that God is very gracious and merciful. For a couple days away with my older son, for good food, talks, and fun, For our car back so my younger can practice, for his willingness to help me  and our church in many areas, for his giftedness in organization, the way God meets others needs and I get to see at times behind the scenes, a date night with my husband

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