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Out my Window: A woodchuck! In our window well, making a racket. As I was trying to figure out how to help him, he got out, and then I heard the noise again. He fell in twice! Hoping this will not become part of our morning routine.

Enjoying: Fireworks! Fire, friends, family, picnics, watermelon, grilled meat, lazy days of summer.

Listening to: Listening to Craig Groeschel’s leadership podcast on 4 types of energy. It was interesting especially as he shared many of his rituals and his routines.

Also re-listened to Jill Briscoe’s Gone Fishing talk with her three questions from Jesus: will you follow me, do you love me, and will you die for me? She also shares about growing tired of carrying her cross. I so appreciate her honesty, but also her childlike trust in Jesus.

Carry around book is Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed by Lori Gottlieb from the library. So many interesting thoughts, written in a very conversational, witty way. Warning: there is some language and some crudeness.

I finished The Promise is His Presence: Why God is Always Enough by Glenna Marshall  I am participating in the Book Launch. I am thankful for this book and the timing of it. Glenna does a great job of taking the reader through scriptures and helping us see the promise of God’s presence in the midst of struggles and life. I am looking forward to the release so I can share this book as an encouragement with friends that are going through some really hard times. Review coming soon, quotes on my Facebook page. The book can be pre-ordered at https:/

Pondering: Why rest is hard? Why does it induce guilt? I was talking with someone who is a full-time teacher during the school year asking about her summer. She has been enjoying time in her gardens and being available for her new grandbaby, but she expressed feeling guilty, like she should be doing something more “productive.” It has amazed me at how intentional and thought full I have to be in order to embrace a rhythm of rest. I am not super busy in general, but right now I have this extra time and for some reason I feel like I have to give an account of it, not sure to whom or why, but it is an undercurrent. I am working on defiantly choosing rest and enjoyment. I know it is a gift for this season and there is much to be gained in leaning into it but it seems to be a mental effort.

Learning: To keep hands off of some situations and wait for God. Learning to grow in trust that He is working and moving in these people’s lives and that I do not need to rescue or make things happen. I have been trying to be quicker to pray when I see or hear things that make my soul unsettled. Still tempting to swoop in and fix, rescue, or now “coach”. But I am learning that my “coaching” is only a milder version of my “superhero syndrome” , wanting to help make things happen, or direct the person, instead of trusting that God is more than able to speak directly to them in a way that will connect and encourage their hearts more than me pushing and forcing things in my time.

Home: Doing little pieces here and there. Keeping up with basics, and when I notice something specific I have been doing that job.

Fitness and Mental Health: Schlogging on some days, not as much with the heat. I looked up a 20 minute workout video one day, and 7 minute abs video that I have not done in awhile. My muscles let me know the next day. Up to 15 pushups. Mental Health is about allowing myself to read extra during the day.

Giving Thanks: For time with a special friend who was one of our teens in my husband’s first youth group as a youth pastor. This young lady has become like a daughter and friend to us. It was such a blessing to see her use her gifts as an adult at our district camp with the kids. Also was thrilled for great conversation and laughter with her. Opportunity to play Dutch Blitz. Always thankful for this no matter how bad I get beat. Thankful for book launch communities. It is fun to share with others who like to read and think about words and ideas. Fourth of July fun. Sanctioned playing with fire makes me happy. It feels like summer really started this past week. Trying to be present and enjoy the moments because I know it goes fast.

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