Practicing Resurrection (Father’s Day Edition)


Dad… as with Mother’s Day… oh so complicated. My first born is the age you were when you became my dad. I remember you telling me that when I was 25 I would understand what you did better and would appreciate it. I am 48 and just now coming into a better understanding of you. My heart aches for you, and the life you thought you were getting when you married. You had no idea that mental illness would also reside in our home as another dweller, and how big of an impact it would have on our family. You loved mom and were loyal to us. I am thankful for how you worked to care for us. Although I disagree in many of the ways you went about it, I am thankful for how you pushed me to be more, and want more. I am thankful for how you taught me to read eyes and situations. I have you to thank for my love of steak on the grill, thin mints, pizza, a warped sense of humor, and reading all the plaques at historical sites. I am thankful that you did not abandon ship, or chase dreams far away from us. You sacrificed much and did the best you could in a difficult situation. For these and more I am thankful.



2 thoughts on “Practicing Resurrection (Father’s Day Edition)

  1. Reblogged this on Inkblot Life and commented:

    Throwback Thursday… Seems appropriate to re-share this one. It was good for me to re-read and be reminded of his heart as we are in another deep season of being on very different pages about the world. Choosing grace and mercy with a healthy dose of boundaries.


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