Finding Beautiful (Book Review)


fbcoverI had the privilege of being on the book launch team for Finding Beautiful: Discovering Authentic Beauty Around the World by Rebecca Friedlander. When I saw the opportunity, I almost didn’t sign on for the chance for early review. The book looked different than my usual reads. I was not sure what I would think and I am someone who has to be honest which they would expect, of course. I downloaded the preview on my Kindle and started to read it just to see what it was like and I fell in love. I loved it so much that I finished it on my Kindle before the hard copy came in the mail. Which says a lot because I do not really read books on my Kindle, (yes, I know that is its main purpose) I prefer to hold a book in my hands and if I really enjoy the book I mark it up and write notes.

I am a lover of biographies and love to hear a good testimony of what God has done or is doing in someone’s life. This was both. It is a collection of women’s stories of God doing a complete “makeover” in their heart, mind, soul, and body. Rebecca Friedlander, the author is a beautiful, creative soul herself, who not only found these women and gave them a platform to share, but shares her own stories, and adds a photo shoot to represent the makeover in the woman’s life. Rebecca also connects each chapter with a person from the Bible.

This is a very different book in the structure and layout which makes for an easy read of great encouragement. I appreciated that it included women from around the world. I did notice that it was mostly Western women from Europe and the Americas. I would have enjoyed reading some African or Asian women’s stories also, but a book can only be so big, and also started wondering if their concept of beauty was different, and that maybe the struggles and victories in this book might not translate culturally. Either way it was still a beautiful book. The women are such beautiful souls, and you can feel Rebecca’s joy jump off the page.

I would recommend this book to any woman, but feel that young adults and older teens would get as much, or more out of it.  check out the book trailer here:

finding beautiful1

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