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Outside my window: No matter which school I go to, I get a beautiful view of water, two different lakes and many small and large waterfalls. Noticing just how beautiful this area is even in the dark grey days of almost winter.

Enjoying: Christmas lights, and Vanilla Bean Candles, Candy Cane Tea and Dove Dark Chocolate with Almonds from a dear friend

Listening to: I am back to jazz. I am loving the collection A Jazz Christmas: Hot Jazz for Cool Nights.

Reading:  Finishing up Weight of Glory by C.S. Lewis (I borrowed it from my son and apparently I am taking too long.) I am a person who reads a few books at once, so I also have more books going (my son does not, so he frowns upon my reading style)…. started reading Made for the Journey by Elisabeth Elliot for a Revell Books Review. It used to be These Strange Ashes and is being released as this.

The Eternal Current by Aaron Niequest (sitting in the pile…)

Advent Misc.: I usually have a specific book I go through during Advent. This year I have all my old ones around and just read out of whatever is nearest at the moment. Main ones have been: Watch for the Light: Reading for Christmas and Advent from Plough Publishing, The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp, and Christmastide: Prayers for Advent through Epiphany From The Divine Hours compiled by Phyllis Tickle

Pondering: Still Wondering…thinking about what it means to be favored, to be the beloved. What was God saying and what does it mean to have God’s favor rest on us? Thinking about Emmanuel, God with Us and how that does and should impact my life?

Learning: “Wait for it”, I feel like God keeps saying this to me. I run ahead either in making things happen, or taking things into my own hands to solve, or stressing because I can’t fix something, or see how it will be resolved. God keeps telling me to “wait for it,” and then shows up and orchestrates or provides in a way that I could not have anticipated. Learning to stay off the ledge and “wait for it.”

Home: Trying to tie up loose ends of baking, wrapping, and shipping along with everything. This week is the last many plates spinning before a couple weeks of all home focus. Looking forward to that, but trying not to miss the present moments in the midst of longing for the break.

Fitness and Mental Health: Fitness Ah!!! That’s all.  As for mental health I am making sure I am intentional with my time with God in the morning before I hit the ground running, lighting candles, playing music, writing have all been so good for me.

Giving Thanks: Everyone back under my roof. Kindness and generosity of people in my life. Thankful we have almost made it to the shortest day of the year, bring on the light.

Planning Ahead: Trying to get the next weeks planned by the end of this week so we can all just sink in and enjoy it. We have Christmas and 2 birthdays thrown in for fun in our 12 days of Christmas plus three out of town excursions.

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