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Outside my window: Venus has been super bright in the morning dawn sky on clear mornings. Driving through the hills on my way to school, out my window I see beautiful pink sunrises mixed into the gray sky. Loving the cows jogging toward the barn on my way home. This never ceases to make me laugh.

Enjoying: Watching Dry Bar Youtube clips of Zoltan Kaszas, laughed super hard with my son when he talked about the difference between having a cat and dog, Still loving Christmas lights, and Vanilla Bean Candles

Listening to: Catching up on Craig Groechel’s Leadership Podcasts . (My older son got me started on these.) They have many helpful ideas, tips, and thoughts for home, church, or business. We are all leaders in some respect. Enjoying Reliant K’s Christmas Album, Let It Snow Baby… Let It Reindeer. I like the humor they mix in with good music.

Reading:  Finished True You By Michelle DeRusha  I have an advance copy from Baker Publishing. I cannot wait for it to be released so my reading friends can read it and chat with me. A review will be coming soon.

The Eternal Current by Aaron Niequest

Advent Misc.: I usually have a specific book I go through during Advent. This year I have all my old ones around and just read out of whatever is nearest at the moment. Main ones have been: Watch for the Light: Reading for Christmas and Advent from Plough Publishing, The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp, and Christmastide: Prayers for Advent through Epiphany From The Divine Hours compiled by Phyllis Tickle

Pondering: Wonder-I have written two posts this week about it. Gaining some realizations on what I have been missing and why. Praying for a greater wonder and awe of God.

Learning: that there is an intentional element to wonder. I am learning how to incorporate “Gospel Contemplation” into this Christmas Season. Re-learning that I do not need to parent the world, but this time in the area of imagination and Scripture. (read “donkey police” blog post for further explanation)

Home: Still trying to find a rhythm as I now work part time outside the home. Thankful for a son who is home and willing to pitch in. Trying to do a more intentional job with clean up after dinner and prepping the next day.

Fitness and Mental Health: Trying to practice the “every rep makes me stronger” philosophy (, back to doing pushups, planks, and some stretches. Got on the treadmill twice. Still need more, but thankful to start up again. As for mental health, I am making sure I am intentional with my time with God in the morning before I hit the ground running, lighting candles, playing music, writing have all been so good for me. I have been more intentional with my gratitude journal.

Giving Thanks: For a good “no” this week, I took Monday off from subbing and enjoyed extra time with my son, and time to get my head on straight before the week starts. I am very thankful for people who like to laugh. I am thankful that my family makes me laugh pretty much everyday.

Planning Ahead: Working on Christmas and Holiday birthdays, trying to make sure I have all my bases covered before next week hits. Looking forward to having my oldest home for a few weeks but the schedule is pretty full already.


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