Lesson Learned from a Fishbowl

fishbowl 1(1)Write-31-Days-7-500x500

This blog is very new but been rolling around in my mind and heart for a long time. I am learning how to do this so I am jumping in to 31 days of writing to give myself some structure and opportunity to learn and grow.

I have chosen to write about lessons I have learned since our family has gone into full time ministry about 15 years ago. I affectionately call it the fishbowl. I have been keeping scraps of paper of lessons learned during the various events and seasons of life that I will try to share here during the month of October.


5 thoughts on “Lesson Learned from a Fishbowl

    1. Lol! Surprisingly, they always ended up in a pile on my desk. So I guess that means I am supposed to share them if they have survived three moves.

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