Out my Window: Butterfly trying to steady itself on a bleeding heart to drink. A hummingbird who keeps stopping by wondering where the feeder is. Peonies blooming. Enjoying: Celebrating friends getting ordained. Planning summer fun. The  fields turning from yellow to white. Grilling. Listening to: Finished listening to Creative Quest by Questlove. I totally loved … Continue reading Daybook

Practicing Resurrection (Father’s Day Edition)

Dad... as with Mother's Day... oh so complicated. My first born is the age you were when you became my dad. I remember you telling me that when I was 25 I would understand what you did better and would appreciate it. I am 48 and just now coming into a better understanding of you. … Continue reading Practicing Resurrection (Father’s Day Edition)

Still Practicing

So no more hashtags and accountability for Practicing Resurrection. You can find all 50 days, or actually 49 because I have math issues here and what I learned from those days here... So today I felt a little out of sorts. Apparently, I need a reason to slow down and look and listen. … Continue reading Still Practicing